The film Treeline is presented online and in cinema screenings during the Sauerland Festival as part of the exhibition project Das Brotbaumregime.

Emphatically conceived from a local starting point, the project engages with the spruce plantation regime (70% of local forested areas used to be monocultures of these conifers) in a global context as well as with specific histories of the Sauerland forest. It provides the cultural framework for the collective mourning that is needed in this community where the landscape is devastated by vast and radical transformations (spruce forests are dying), and contextualises climate change with regard to the needed mindshift. The exhibition will comprise historical and contemporary art works as well as new commissions, historical documents, current research, and several expressions of local memory of living with the forests. Participating artists include Daniel Almagor, Maria Thereza Alves, Orawan Arunrak, Ann Böttcher, Andras Greiner, Yala Juchmann, Rudolf Kaschke, Ritva Kovalainen and Sanni Sepp, Antje Majewski, Ben Osborn, and Studio Formafantasma, Gero Troike.