From Time to Time at Sea

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From Time to Time at Sea
HD video with 5.1 surround sound

This film was shot on and around Orkney, Fair Isle and on the way to Shetland, from boats, the tops of cliffs, on beaches and along winding roads. The voices of poets, fishermen, a taxi driver, retired farmers, scientists, anthropologists and engineers, twitchers, and rangers overlap with the sounds of boats, seabirds, wind, sea. Stories and conversations ebb and flow, swept along by the tides, drifting away on the wind. An old Norn song, talk of tidal power, fishing, climate change, childhood memories, the daily bird count come in an out of earshot, hovering above the constant, moving, sea.

Filmed during Cape Farewell Sea Change expedition to the Northern Isles in 2013, and during a residency with the Erland Williamson Arts Foundation in Birsay, Orkney, 2012. Commissioned by Cape Farewell. Along with Call of North, and thesis, submitted as part of a PhD in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art, awarded in 2016.

Exhibited in Somewhere Becoming Sea, curated by Steven Bode at Humber Street Gallery, Hull, 2017

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