Call of North

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Call of North
HD video, 25’ 2015
Languages: Russian and English with English subtitles

Call of North was filmed near the Arctic Circle in Karelia in Northern Russia. It follows people’s relationships with the sea, and the changes associated with climate change and the geo-political shift northward.  Call of North is the call of the voices of a place. The sea is in everything and everyone. The matter of place, the sounds of birds, sea, insects, grass, trees and wind, boats, trains and cars interweave with the voices of marine biologists, sailors, fishermen, a retired teacher, a kolkhoz worker and miner, a telephone engineer, a cook, a hotelier, a little boy, and many others who live here. The traumatic past of the ‘Zone’ – Stalin’s labour camps – continues to haunt. The economic collapse and recent political tensions are alluded to obliquely, hanging in the air.

Clip: 2’56” of 25’ video

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