Calling All Workers

Four channel video projection installation
11 minutes
edition of 3 and 1 a/p

Calling All Workers takes its name from the anthem by Eric Coates played daily on BBC radio in 1940, to galvanize the population into working hard for the war effort. The piece explores the controversial idealism and institutional controls behind the practice of group exercise in the work place.
Drawing on references to callisthenics, Busby Berkeley films, modern dance, Tai Chi, and movements gleaned from contemporary office life, the video engages with notions of the ’mass ornament’ (Siegfried Gideon), through a reconstructed performance in the London School of Economics.

The choreography was devised in collaboration with choreographer Susanne Thomas.
The soundtrack, composed by Quentin Thomas, uses office and factory sounds, Eric Coates’ music, and contemporary hip hop beats.

First exhibited in The Body. The Ruin. At Ian Potter Museum, Melbourne, 8 November 2005 to 22 January 2006