Dialogue #4 (What is your culture?)

Double screen video projection with sound
8 minutes

Actor: Paul Hill

In Dialogue #4 (What is your culture?) a man moves purposefully through a succession of rooms in a derelict institutional building. At first he seems to be waiting for someone, or for something to happen-perhaps an interview, or an important meeting.

The protagonist speaks a language of the workplace, in which meanings are always deferred. His gestures and words seem to belong to a past or future moment from which he is irrevocably severed, but which he rehearses over and over again, blind to his surroundings. Meanwhile, each room, door, and corridor flickers with the shadows of past and future occupants and occupations.

Dialogue #4 (What is your culture?) is a new video installation made especially for State of Mind. It is the most recent development in Ruth Maclennan's series of video dialogues. These explore the performance through language and gesture of prescribed roles and situations, in particular in the workplace.

24 Kingsway, The London School of Economics and Political Science, London